There is no better feeling than putting on suit or custom clothing that was measured, created, and fitted for you and only you


I love taking clients through the customization process. I’m Dom, founder of Bespoke Below. Thankful for all of the clients and friends I’ve made along the way over the years. 

Growing up in an Italian household, it’s common to develop a love for certain arts. I’ve always loved cooked meals, fine wine, and tailored suits. I appreciate and understand that good things take time. I decided to turn his passion for clothing into a reality and created Bespoke Below.

Bespoke Below was founded in 2018 in Chicago, with the intention of delivering the highest quality, fair priced garments with an unmatched level of service. My passion for what I do, the service I provide, and the obsession over every detail, every button, every stitch, is what truly sets Bespoke Below apart.