A suit should fit you and only you!

A custom suit is nothing like what you’ve experienced before. When getting a custom suit, you’re embracing a piece of history, creating memories, and leaving lasting impressions on everyone you meet. Investing in a custom suit is an investment in yourself. Our custom suits are built to stand the test of time, both in terms of durability and style. 

When it comes to customizing a suit, the possibilities are nearly endless. Here’s a breakdown of some of the key elements that can be personalized to create a truly unique and tailored look:

Customizable Suit Styling Options, Suit Fit & Cut, Lapel Style & With Pic, Stitching, Functional Sleeves, Button Style & Placement, Throat Latch / Collar Tab, Milanese Buttonhole and Contrast Buttonhole, Ticket Pocket / Slanted Pockets / Patch Pockets, Custom Linings, Flat Fronts / Pleats, Cuffed / Non-Cuff

Fully Custom & Bespoke To Only You

The smallest of details can change a suit and style. Bespoke Below strives to have those “aha” moments when looking and discovering details.

Customizable: Fabric, Color, Lapel Style, Buttons, Stitching, Number of Pockets, Pocket Position, Vents, Cuffs, Custom Lining,